Monica Schafer, Operations Director of Debt Does Deals, LLC, is the ‘Momma Bear’ of your loan process. She is a 16 year veteran of the mortgage industry with first hand experience in every phase of mortgage origination and operations. She prefers things orderly, neat, and likes using systems to create visibility for our clients while removing the typical mortgage hassles; like uploading your documents multiple times. She understands the value of our clients time, which is why she guards our operational and systematic approach to our entire mortgage operation.

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She has a passion for serving others and leveraging her unique problem solving and coordination skillsets to ensure our clients receive custom solutions that meet their goals perfectly. She enjoy a challenge and is willing to work harder than anyone else in the room to secure our clients dreams. 21 day closings don’t scare her, and if you happen to here a little ‘character’ in her tone, it has come through years of fighting for clients.

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