Ally. Veteran’s Advocate. I’m Max Anton Franks and over the past 20 years, I’ve learned a lot about how to navigate the mortgage industry for the benefit of my clients. With an extensive background in customer service, I’m always looking for ways to make the loan process more efficient, easier, and informative. I create lasting, meaningful friendships. I love networking and connecting people with others that can help them grow, nurture small business, and help make our world a better place.

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In my free time I enjoy volunteering with Cub Scouts & Scouting BSA, coaching youth sports. camping, hiking, trying new microbrews, and fun trips to new destinations with my family. My wife, Kristy, and I have 4 sons, (ages 9-23), a daughter-in-law, and a 2 yr old granddaughter.

My greatest thrill is the day the keys are handed to first time home buyers after careful execution and planning.

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