I began my journey in the mortgage business in 2003 as a Mortgage Loan Officer Assistant and quickly learned my favorite part of my job – interaction with my Clients. Now as a Mortgage Loan Originator nothing has changed – even after being in the mortgage industry for 17 years. My passion is helping others by educating, leading, and advocating for them before, during, and after the mortgage process. I ensure everyone receives the best mortgage plan aligned with their financial goals while setting the proper expectations for the known obstacles along the way. Every borrower is unique and I believe setting expectation to be a critical role only a knowledgeable human professional can provide. I pride myself on giving direct and relevant communication based solely on my client needs. One week, one month, or five years- I believe every borrower needs help finding their way home and we leave no one behind. Every borrower deserves a happy ending in an incredibly complex world, the trick is finding THEIR perfect path.

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I can say whole heartedly that my team and I will always work diligently and efficiently to ensure all parties enjoy a smooth experience while having fun! I truly believe the home is where the heart is, and that everyone starts their “American Dream” through purchasing a home. When helping clients, I cannot stress enough that there is no such thing as a “stupid question” even when you think you may already know. It isn’t the question you ask that will get you, it’s the one you are afraid to ask; my clients enjoy a partnership where fear is not a motivator. We simplify the process, answer the hard questions, and partner with you along your journey home. I dedicated myself to my clients need and they understand my true goal: I don’t want to earn your business for this loan. I want to serve your mortgage needs for life. Options, Knowledge, Competition, and Continuity ensure are how I ensure I deserve this responsibility. My name is David Osborn, and believe it or not… I love mortgages.

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